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• A neighbourhood in action
• The mobile markets calendar – summer 2021

Mobile markets that are held twice a month in the chalet of the Parc de La Vérendrye have quickly become the hub of a food system that neighbourhood stakeholders are working on to offer residents a variety of fresh food products.

The Direction de santé publique (DSP) de Montréal has identified three areas as food deserts in Ville-Émard/Côte-Saint-Paul, a district that is 5 square kilometres in size. Since residents in these three areas have nowhere to get fresh food within 500 metres of their homes, getting food closer to them was an urgent priority. The first market started in September 2017. Steps are underway to launch two more in 2018.

The goal is to let vulnerable people get fresh produce at an affordable price. All fruits, vegetables, and local products like honey are sold at cost.

In addition to the “distribution” component, a number of other links in the neighbourhood’s food system are getting stronger. The mobile markets run educational activities on food and urban agriculture and offer product samplings. Any leftover goods from the markets are used for collective kitchen workshops at neighbourhood agencies. The “fruit” of these workshops goes back to the market in the form of products, like peach preserves or carrot soup.



A neighbourhood in action

The keys to success

  • Commitment of residents, who volunteer at the markets or on the resident committee.
  • Agency participation: 4 new agencies involved and 7 that are helping create educational workshops.
  • Access to healthy, varied and affordable foods.

All photos are from the Concertation Ville Émard/Côte St Paul Facebook page. Follow them!

The mobile markets calendar – summer 2021

986 servings prepared in less than a year at educational activities.