Épicerie Paule et Émard

About this project

Located in the former garage of La Maison d’entraide Saint-Paul & Émard on Drake Street, right next to the Jolicoeur metro station the Épicerie Paule & Émard gradually opened its doors starting November 14.

The shelves in this new 600-square-foot space are filled with non-perishable foods, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, frozen products, and more that will be sold at low prices.

A socially minded grocery store

Developed using a community grocery store model, the Épicerie Paule & Émard is the result of collective  work by stakeholders in Ville-Émard–Côte-Saint-Paul. It is part of a vast project to develop a comprehensive local food system (production / processing / distribution / education / mobilization) to fight food insecurity among families and isolated or vulnerable people.

The whole community can shop there in the afternoon from Wednesday to Saturday. Other times are reserved for specific groups, such as local seniors, who can get their groceries in peace and quiet at specific times and socialize over a nice cup of coffee.

Monday afternoons will be devoted to the 90 low-income families in the P’tit Marché program, who get a 60% discount on their groceries. A variety of activities will develop over time according to the community’s needs.


Overall, the Épicerie Paule & Émard means:

  1. More fresh and nutritious food at affordable prices.
  2. New opportunities for socialization and community involvement.
  3. Ideas for eating better…

… And an entire neighbourhood that is getting a new key component for its local food system.

In addition to selling products that are much less expensive than those in supermarkets, the Épicerie Paule & Émard is an opportunity for residents to break their isolation and get involved in a project they can take ownership of.