Verdun during COVID-19

About this project

While food security agencies used to work in silos, with each tending to its own field of expertise, the Collective Impact Project triggered a structural change with a focus on collective solutions to address food access issues in the neighbourhood.

This change became even more important during the weeks of quarantine, when staff had to adapt and readjust every day.

Agencies have been able to build on the cooperation and solidarity that they developed since implementing their CIP projects in 2016. Everyone is more familiar with each other, knows who to talk to, and can support each other. “Three years ago, this [collective impulse] didn’t exist.”

The pilot project for a local food supply chain implemented in 2019 for the Giving everyone a roof and a seat at the table project has now taken on more meaning for food security agencies, participating partner businesses, and of course, the local population, which now has access to better food. By the end of April 2020, 900 baskets and 250 meals had been distributed thanks to this initiative.

“The solution can't be individual; it has to be collective. Three years ago, we could never have done this.”