As community contributions have been essential to reflections on Phase 2 of the CIP, the neighbourhood roundtables and their partners were invited to help develop the new parameters for the project’s second phase. At two “dialogue” meetings held this spring, about 100 stakeholders discussed many aspects that will be essential to the deployment of this new phase of the CIP. These virtual discussions let us identify needs, answer questions, adjust parameters, and reaffirm equity, diversity and inclusion as priorities.

Stay tuned, as we will release the full details about the new phase at the end of September.

New agreement

Proud of the progress in Phase 1 and confident that this advancement will continue, the CIP’s strategic and financial partners (Coalition montréalaise des Tables de quartier, City of Montreal, Direction régionale de santé publique, seven foundations, and Centraide) have all signed a partnership agreement to start Phase 2.

After five of the six planned years of experimentation, the CIP is generating enough positive impacts and lessons for both the communities and the project’s financial and strategic partners that everyone decided to engage in a second phase based on the lessons learned in Phase 1.

This new agreement reaffirms the strategic and financial partners’ desire to work together according to the values of social justice, learning, creativity, and transparency.



Here are some things that will change in the new phase. The full details will be shared in late September:

  • All Montreal neighbourhoods that meet the requirements will be able to participate in Phase 2.
  • Adjustments to governance to include neighbourhood representatives.
  • Integration of equity, diversity and inclusion perspective in all project component.
  • Distribution of neighbourhood initiatives into three categories (planning, implementing, scaling) according to their state of development.
  • Partnership agreement signed by the strategic partners (CMTQ, the City of Montreal, and the regional public health department) to achieve greater consistency and complementarity between their roles for Phase 2.

A new team !

Welcome to Isabel Heck, Collective Impact Advisor and Akina Matsuo, Strategic Partnership Advisor.

You’ll no doubt get the chance to meet our new recruits in the coming months.

As of March 2021, the CIP’s new Assistant Director is Rotem Ayalon. This well-rounded team is ready, willing and able to bring the project into a new phase.