Urgent needs for social housing in Saint-Léonard

About this project

In Saint-Léonard, the data paint a worrying picture about access to social housing for residents experiencing poverty. For example, the neighbourhood ranks 17th out of 19 for the number of built units. Only 407 social housing units are available for a population of 16,000 people who live on a low income. There are also needs for 2,100 units, despite a project underway to build nearly 195 units (Les Voisins de Viau-Robert).

Since fall 2018, the CIP has been supporting the coordination work of the Comité Promoteur du Logement Social (CPLS) de Saint-Léonard, which includes tenant advocacy organizations whose main mission is to develop social housing particularly for families and seniors.

The committee wants to improve access to adequate housing for families—particularly families with 3 or more children that have to spend over 30% of their income on housing—to reach at least 25% of the 2,100 social housing units needed over the next five years, which represents 105 units per year.

Now in the start-up phase, the project has allowed stakeholders to:

  1. Consolidate and expand partnerships
  2. Develop tools to build in a better way
  3. Positively promote social housing
  4. Seize opportunities to bring about change

On October 5, citizens, stakeholders, and elected officials attended a conference to share their ideas, understand the needs stemming from Saint-Léonard’s socio-demographic reality (families, seniors and cultural diversity), and find solutions. Inspiring models were shared to break down preconceived ideas about social housing.

Work is ongoing to:

  1. Raise awareness among decision-makers
  2. Maintain dialogue between different partners
  3. Seize opportunities to deploy social housing
  4. Equip, inform and mobilize neighbourhood families

The goal is to improve access to adequate housing for families, particularly families with 3 or more children who have to spend over 30% of their income on housing.