Pouces Ver(t)s : social cohesion and food security

About this project

Pointe-aux-Trembles promotes social cohesion with Pouces Ver(t)s

Pouces Ver(t)s, the Vivace-PIC project spearheaded by the Roy-Séguin Committee, includes 10 agencies working at both the municipal and local levels.

With the support of La Pépinière | Espaces collectifs, the goal is to co-create multipurpose spaces to promote both social cohesion and food security in the neighbourhood.

For its first year, the Pouces ver(t)s project is giving residents at an HLM a sense of pride and belonging

In 2020, thanks to flower boxes, a stage and games, the committee is offering residents at Habitations Séguin a friendly and safe outdoor space where they can socialize and participate in activities.


In the courtyard of the HLM complex, the new space now offers additional support for the outreach initiatives and activities of all the committee’s agencies. The goal is to support residents as they develop a sense of pride and belonging in their community and, ultimately, to promote intercultural exchange.