Grand rendez-vous 2

A few months ago, Parc-Extension reached one of the first milestones in its collective action process by working to create a neighbourhood roundtable.

The final blitz in this process has now started. The second “Grand rendez-vous” held on September 29 and 30 let stakeholders come together to make a neighbourhood diagnosis and decide on the five priority issues that the future roundtable would work on:

  1. Youth education
  2. Vulnerable groups
  3. Employment and poverty
  4. Housing conditions
  5. Opening up the neighbourhood


Discover Parc-Extension. Click the image below for the guide to the Grand rendez-vous.


At the next Grand rendez-vous in November, stakeholders will determine the structure and membership type for the new roundtable.

In 2018, Parc-Extension will also create its first intersectoral and multi-network roundtable.

We’re almost there!