The “Grands rendez-vous”

About this project

Parc-Extension has started a process to create a neighbourhood roundtable to promote collective action.

Everyone’s participation is essential for the success of this process. Social stakeholders and residents have therefore been invited to five “Grands rendez-vous.”


Grand rendez-vous 1

December 2016

What will our roundtable’s role and mission be?


Grand rendez-vous 2

September 2017

What is our neighbourhood’s profile?

What are our priority issues


Grand rendez-vous 3

November 2017

What will be the structure and membership type for the new roundtable


First AGM

January 2018

General meeting and celebration of the founding of Parc-Extension’s roundtable.

Global objectives

  • Come together.

  • Draft a neighbourhood profile.

  • Share a vision of change.

  • Launch a neighbourhood roundtable

To know more on this project

Grand rendez-vous 2

The final blitz has now started. The neighbourhood roundtable will launch in January 2018.

September 2017 Learn more