Escale Famille Le Triolet

About this project

In November 2016, a dream came true, as construction started on a new three-storey building that will be a new home for Escale Famille Le Triolet and Escale pour ToiT. This housing complex will have 21 transitional housing units for single mothers who want to re-enter the job market and become involved in society.

This new temporary housing will help residents gain control over their lives and build a better future for themselves. The complex will also be a true springboard to help these women go back to school and enter the job market. This is the opportunity the agency wants to give vulnerable neighbourhood women who are in a situation of poverty.

When its former space was repossessed by the Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM), the agency was forced to find a solution to keep serving families in the neighbourhood.

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Recruitment for Escale pour ToiT

Partners in this project come from across Montreal and have shown a lot of enthusiasm for this project to help women who are going back to school or back to work.

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