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About Mercier-Ouest


Following an initial collective success with the Escale pour ToiT housing complex, which has 21 transitional units for single mothers who want to reintegrate socially or find a job, the neighbourhood is taking a new step forward. The collective commitment of Mercier-Ouest stakeholders between now and 2022 is to provide residents with healthy and affordable food while promoting their food knowledge and skills through the sharing of human, financial and material resources among the neighbourhood’s agencies.

Building on the positive experience with the “Towards Green Togetherness” urban agriculture project and the deployment of the “Cooking Together in Mercier-Ouest” workshops, the neighbourhood wants to go further by pooling resources and collectively building a true local system that gives citizens multiple opportunities to produce, buy, process, and learn about food.

Discover the collective impact of the local food system on Mercier-Ouest and how the system’s components are improving living conditions for its residents


  1. Involvement
    and exploration
  2. Idea turned
    into action
  3. Implementation
    and experiments
  4. Initiative
  5. Support
    and renewal
  1. Involvement
    and exploration
  2. Idea turned
    into action
  3. Implementation
    and experiments
  4. Initiative
  5. Support
    and renewal


Fresh fruit and vegetables right in your “backyard”

From the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, all components of the Mercier-Ouest food system have been put to work to meet the growing demand for food assistance.

The community has been able to rely on its network, services and expertise to provide a local source of food for as many people as possible.

Spring 2020

Innovating also means adapting

All partners develop a new governance model for the collective project, which is adopted in October 2019.

Applying a clear governance structure has been more than beneficial for the project, as it now serves as a model for all new community projects in the neighbourhood.

October 2019

Investing in food security

Integrated neighbourhood planning for food security is set up to pool resources.

Stakeholders conduct research to identify key elements of the local food system (supply, processing, education).


CIP: A multiplier effect in Mercier-Ouest

November 2018

344 days for Escale Famille le Triolet

This video tracks the 344 days leading up to the opening of the new offices of Escale Famille le Triolet and the Escale pour Toit housing complex. Enjoy this video of young single moms discovering their new apartments!

November 2017

Escale Famille le Triolet has a new address

After 24 years at the same location, Escale Famille Le Triolet (EFLT) is starting a new chapter at a new address. This Mercier-Ouest agency is now the proud owner of a brand-new building on Pierre-de-Coubertin Street and is open to welcome clients at its new offices.

Octobre 2017 Read more (In French only)

Escale Famille le Triolet: a 2017 finalist in the prestigious ESTim competition

  This honour coincides with the agency’s 25-year anniversary and the launch of its Escale pour ToiT housing project.

Avril 2017

Recruitment for l'Escale pour ToiT

Partners in this project come from across Montreal and have shown a lot of enthusiasm for this project to help women who are going back to school or back to work.

Février 2017 Read more

GEMO is a key food security agency

The Groupe d'entraide de Mercier-Ouest (GEMO), a key food security agency in the neighbourhood, wants to update its strategy to ensure food security and food self-sufficiency for families and vulnerable people. Agencies and residents will all help with this neighbourhood process.

Winter 2017

Relocation of Escale Famille Le Triolet

A dream has come true, as construction starts on a new three-storey building that will be a new home for Escale Famille Le Triolet and Escale pour ToiT, a housing complex for single mothers.

Winter 2017 Read More

The neighbourhood's target project: “Community Space for Everyone”

Given the neighbourhood’s fragile resources, this project aims to maintain community spaces and make them more welcoming. This project targets two agencies in particular: Escale Famille Le Triolet, which will be relocated, and GEMO, which will receive more resources to play a leadership role in food security.

December 2016

Mercier-Ouest is chosen

Mercier-Ouest is chosen to receive moderate CIP support to implement a specific project from its neighbourhood plan. This project will produce concrete results to reduce poverty and social exclusion.

March 2016

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Escale Famille Le Triolet

A true springboard to help these women go back to school and enter the job market.

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