Virtual component of the Mercier-Est Network

About this project

The virtual component of the Mercier-Est Network project has started with the deployment of the first interactive terminal for the public and a Web platform in partnership with 211 Grand Montréal.

The goal of the interactive terminal and Web platform is to promote community resources to as many people as possible in the neighbourhood.

These tools compile all useful information about the community agencies that work in the territory. In just a few clicks, users can find the mission and description of agencies, get their contact information, and learn about available services and programs. Anyone can get answers to their questions and contact or refer a friend or family member to the right agency for things like food assistance and services for senior citizens.


Mercier-Est Network

The Mercier-Est Network is an experimental, agile, and participatory project to launch networks of generosity and connect people to build a vast network of support to break social isolation.

  • Outreach worker network (more info here)
  • Institutional and community agency and business network
  • Citizen network
  • Virtual network


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Read the press release on the Solidarité Mercier-Est website

Discover the Mercier-Est Network Web platform developed with 211 Grand Montréal

All photos are from the Solidarité Mercier-Est Facebook page. Follow them!

The hope is for everyone in the community to guide people in need to the right resources.