A new space for community life

About this project

A brand new community space

La Place du Village will be a place where people can relax and spend time together. That is the goal of this Vivace-PIC project developed with the support of La Pépinière | Espaces collectifs.

Launched by the Integrated Urban Revitalization (IUR) in Saint-Pierre (Lachine borough), the project aims to create a temporary multipurpose space in collaboration with neighbourhood residents.

This new “ephemeral village” will:

  1. generate new spaces for socialization
  2. include equipment and facilities for growing and distributing food.


The project will take place over 3 years and grow each year, as illustrated below.



As the Vivace-PIC celebrates its 1st birthday in fall 2020, the furnishings for this space are coming together.


Some pieces were already set up in summer 2020. Did you get to see any?

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