Lachine's "P'tits Marchés"

About this project

When four community agencies each “adopt” a farmer, that makes for four local outdoor “P’tits Marchés”! These mini-markets will be open all summer long so that Lachine residents can enjoy plenty of fresh, organic, and affordable fruits and vegetables.

Les P’tits Marchés: A key part of Lachine’s sustainable food system

In summer 2018, four community agencies in Lachine (Carrefour d’Entraide Lachine, La P’tite Maison de Saint-Pierre, COVIQ Duff-Court and The Teapot 50+ Centre) partnered with the CIP to create four weekly booths to sell organic fruits and vegetables at a low cost—and sometimes for free—across Lachine-Est and Saint-Pierre in sectors recognized as food deserts.


What is a food desert?

A food desert is a geographical area where residents do not have access to affordable healthy food. Watch this video taken at the booth of Carrefour d’Entraide Lachine to learn more about food deserts.


Number of people who get weekly and nearby access to affordable and locally grown fruits and vegetables for 16 weeks.


Provide and educate

Although the first step in food security is providing people with enough food, they also need education on how to prepare fruits and vegetables, why it’s important to eat healthfully, and how to offer children a variety of healthy meals.

Number of people who participated in one of 8 education or citizen involvement activities.


Purchasing groups

Purchasing groups are being implemented at these four partner agencies to ensure that residents can access healthy and affordable food over the winter. At La P’tite Maison de Saint-Pierre, 16 people have already expressed an interest in this type of initiative. Participants will not only save money but also feel involved and valued.

The purchasing groups have a simple goal: help people come together to purchase high-quality food at a low cost.

What’s next

Lachine’s four seasonal markets will be back in May.

This year, a new partnership has started with Les Jardins Carya, a small organic vegetable farm in Senneville, on the Island of Montreal, which grows produce for 10 months of the year. “This new partnership will help us meet our goal to extend the availability of fresh produce into December,” explains Annie Vidal, Lachine CIP Coordinator.

Follow the Les P’tits Marché de Lachine Facebook page to find out more about their activities.

We decided to create purchasing groups because they get people involved and make people aware of the choices they can make . – Annie Vidal, Lachine CIP Coordinator