Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in a Collective Context...


The CIP community is coming together to think about how we can improve collective practices surrounding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion during Phase 2 of the Collective Impact Project.

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The answer will be different for each individual, organization and neighbourhood involved in the CIP.

The important thing is to:

  1. Ask ourselves questions and raise our self awareness to then
  2. Take action and then
  3. Observe changes and take stock of lessons learned to
  4. Apply the lessons in order to improve and finally
  5. Share the journey and lessons learned, before starting all over again

In a continuous loop   

Overall, the goal is to think and act more equitably and inclusively than before and to always strive to improve.


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EDI questions – 5 collective impact conditions

At the 2nd CIP Dialogue event held on May 26, 2021, EDI-related questions were put forward for each of the five collective impact conditions. Prioritizing some of these questions could be a good starting point for a collective reflection about EDI and the CIP.

CIP Guide

The suggestions in the EDI section of the CIP Phase 2 Guide (p. 8) can help guide planning around EDI in a collective context. It is important to work on multiple aspects at once:

Source: When Collective Impact Has an Impact, 2018

Each neighbourhood and each member of the CIP community determines how it will gradually incorporate EDI into its thinking, governance, processes and actions in a continuously evolving manner.

Articles that incorporate EDI into the collective impact context