Working groups

About this project

After attending five “Grand Rendez-vous” to perform strategic planning, neighbourhood stakeholders were invited to attend one of the five working groups on established priorities.

The 5 working groups

  1. Access to high-quality jobs
  2. Inadequate housing conditions
  3. Lack of access to affordable housing
  4. Language barriers that keep residents from developing their full potential
  5. The lack of a collective strategic vision to fight poverty


Group members

The working groups will be cross-sectoral and multi-network. They will be made up of:

  • 1 or 2 residents
  • community groups
  • institutional representatives and other community stakeholders
  • 1 member from the Steering Committee
  • 1 CDC employee

The Steering Committee will take time to put together the working groups in June. The member selection criteria will be:

  • Potential to help analyze findings
  • Difference in points of view, stakeholder diversity

Five working groups will help deepen analysis and identify strategies for change.