Three CIP projects

About this project

After five “Grand Rendez-vous” and working groups on five priorities, the neighbourhood has started three CIP projects.

1.  Creating a community agency

This project is part of the “access to jobs” priority in the neighbourhood plan. The goal is to better meet the needs of job seekers by improving connections with local employers.

The preliminary project phase to launch a prototype for a community job placement agency has been divided into three key parts:

  1. Listening to companies
  2. Co-creating a business model and complementarity between existing services
  3. Prototyping a new service

The neighbourhood will be assisted by social innovators in residence in collaboration with the Maison de l’innovation sociale (MIS).

2.  Affordable housing

This project is part of the “affordable housing” priority of the neighbourhood plan. The goal is to provide other housing options for low-income individuals and families by going beyond existing programs and creating and experimenting with other ways to develop social and affordable housing (i.e., that only costs 30% of income).

This project will have two main goals:

  1. Compile approaches and innovative models
  2. Develop partnerships with organizations and key stakeholders


3.  Adequate housing

This project is part of the “adequate housing” priority in the neighbourhood plan. The goal is to stabilize funding for a human resource dedicated to housing issues.

This person’s mission will be to:

  1. Launch action research and pilot projects
  2. Establish a registry or permit program for landlords related to inspections
  3. Act as a leader for a project to transform rundown buildings into social housing

To create the community agency, CDN will get assistance from social innovators in residence