Mouvement Courtepointe

About this project

A neighbourhood with a rich history, the Centre-Sud is a hub of inspiring projects, local initiatives, and ambassadors who are shaping the neighbourhood’s identity and reinforcing a sense of belonging and citizen pride.

The Mouvement Courtepointe grew out of these initiatives and the community’s willingness to take ownership of its history by creating unique encounters between residents and members of agencies based in the territory.

No fewer than eight collective actions are currently ongoing in the Centre-Sud as part of this movement. The goal is to break social isolation and create a dialogue between different populations around projects, which for the most part are cultural and artistic. These include:

  • Inviting seniors and youths to knitting bees.
  • Organizing an intercultural theatre project.
  • Taking exploratory walks around the Village to get to know the neighbourhood.
  • Running a journalism project for youth at En Marge 12-17, an agency that helps minors on the street.


Watch the video on the Paroles de Centre-Sud platform.

Results that work

  • Creation of a collaborative space for eight collective initiatives to optimize human and material resources as well as knowledge and approaches in order to better serve vulnerable people.
  • Creation of a space to better understand how projects help the neighbourhood achieve desired changes.
  • Implementation of a listening and promotion project to improve agencies’ ability to reach the most vulnerable populations.


Four paths, four priority areas

The Centre-Sud neighbourhood’s strategic plan has four priority areas:

  1. Living Conditions
  2. Food Needs
  3. Work, Education, and Personal Development
  4. Community Life

The Mouvement Courtepointe will take action in two of these areas: Living Conditions and Community Life.


All photos are from the Corporation de développement communautaire Centre-Sud Facebook page. Follow them!

Global objectives

  • Improve living conditions and community life through complementary partnerships.

  • Encourage the neighbourhood's most marginalized people (both young and old) to get involved.

  • Create opportunities for unique encounters.

This innovation fits right in with the neighbourhood’s existing actions.

To know more on this project

The Mouvement Courtepointe officially launches

After a year-long initiation phase, the Mouvement Courtepointe officially launched on November 21, 2019, at the Écomusée du fier monde.

November 21, 2019 Learn more