Grassroots Collective Intelligence Laboratory

About this project

The Grassroots Collective Intelligence Laboratory (GCIL) is a space where residents, community agencies, and different stakeholders and professionals in the neighbourhood can discuss and create ideas for projects. The GCIL holds themed events to reach marginalized people and help them understand concepts that, at first glance, may seem impossible to grasp.

A number of people came up with the idea for this space during the strategic planning process of the Table de développement social (TDS) Centre-Sud. The team from the CDC, with the help of social innovators in residence at the Maison de l’innovation sociale (MIS), worked on launching this project, which was officially inaugurated on November 29, 2018.


Monthly  soup dinner and project presentation in the Centre-Sud

This exercise in participatory democracy powers grassroots initiatives and projects in the territory.

Project idea and cocreation support

This service supports agencies and residents who want to develop projects.

One-time activities suggested by the community

Workshops, lectures, training sessions, etc.

Global objectives

  • Experiment with innovative cocreation methods.

  • Help all residents develop their talents as innovators.

  • Generate a change in culture when it comes to project development.

  • Get residents involved in project development early on.

  • Help everyone pool their strengths and inspire each other.

This space is for anyone involved or interested in developing projects that meet the local population’s needs and aspirations.