Eat Better 3.0

About this project

In recent years, three major collaborative projects have been launched in the Centre-Sud: Zéro gaspillage, Récoltes solidaires and Quartier nourricier.

These projects were launched by people who care about developing food alternatives for disadvantaged people in a neighbourhood that has been characterized as a “food desert.”

Zéro gaspillage

The Zéro gaspillage project aims to transform unsold fruits and vegetables from the Marché solidaire Frontenac and some neighbourhood shops and turn them into delicious and affordable meals. These meals are then distributed to community agencies, which give them out to people who are experiencing food insecurity. Local residents are invited to get involved by attending collective kitchen activities.

Récoltes solidaires

Through the three components below, the Récoltes solidaires project helps people experiencing major food insecurity to discover economical, alternative and concrete solutions to eat better.

Urban agriculture

Learning to grow fruit and vegetables in rooftop boxes
Picking fresh fruits and vegetables

Affordable collective kitchen

Creating new recipes in a group
Avoiding wasting fruits and vegetables and saving money

Participation in the Marché solidaire Frontenac

Getting involved for a few hours a month
Getting a member card
Saving on purchases


Quartier nourricier

Quartier nourricier is the result of work by four agencies in the neighbourhood: the Carrefour Alimentaire Centre-Sud, the CDC Centre-Sud, Sentier urbain, and the Société écocitoyenne de Montréal. The goal is to improve food security in the neighbourhood by increasing urban agriculture infrastructure, facilitating connections between stakeholders, and offering a variety of fresh produce.

The project includes a greenhouse where plants and seedlings are grown by a group of young people who are going through socio-occupational integration. The produce is then given out free to the community or sold at a low cost. The agencies that support the project also run intro-to-urban-agriculture workshops, while resident activities are organized throughout the summer season.


All photos are from the Quartier nourricier Facebook page. Follow them!