Hope remains despite little progress

Illustration: CLIC, November 2017

Over half a year has gone by since Centraide provided the CLIC with its first round of CIP funding to launch the Citizen Space in the future community centre. However, little progress has been made since then. The issue? As long as the neighbourhood doesn’t know where or how big the future Citizen Space will be, it can’t start creating or even planning the space. Unfortunately, the community centre committee has to wait for the borough to get things off the ground.

Since October, however, the project coordinators receiving CIP support have attended a series of five Dynamo workshops on evaluating collective projects. The people who came to the November 16 workshop, including representatives from Bordeaux-Cartierville (B-C), created a map of change that illustrates the path ahead to reach their CIP goal. The long-term change targeted by the Citizen Space is to reinforce the social fabric of B-C.

Source: CLIC de B-C, L’infolettre de tous les possibles, November 2017, No. 24