The Citizen Space is Taking Shape

About this project

For a few months now, the CLIC Bordeaux-Cartierville has been working with the agency Espace temps to design a Citizen Space at the future community centre in a building that used to belong to the Sisters of Providence and that the Ville de Montréal acquired in 2016.

Now that the reflection process is over, we can present the goals that local residents have created for this space.

The Citizen Space will play a key role in involving citizens and helping them develop a sense of belonging to their community. The space therefore has to meet specific needs to attract as many residents as possible and give them the chance to make the space their own.

1. Appeal to everyone

Everyone will be welcome at the Citizen Space, which will be for people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses. The Citizen Space will be “universal” and consist of inclusive and appealing places that make everyone feel at home.

2. Maximize interaction

People will enjoy navigating their way throughout every part of the Citizen Space. Different clienteles won’t be separated; in fact, the space will be set up to foster encounters and discussions.

3. Help people make the space their own

The Citizen Space will be the responsibility of the people who use it, which will make it easier for them to ensure the space reflects them. Users will have a different way to take ownership through things like modular layouts, multipurpose furniture, and more.

4. Connect the outside to the inside

Abundant plants and windows will help people who come to the Citizen Space to stay connected with nature.

5. Address different levels of engagement

The space also needs to be designed for different levels of engagement. At the Citizen Space, people can come together or go off on their own so that the needs of one group don’t interfere with the needs of others. To meet people’s needs to experiment and become invested, the space will be based on the “HOMAGO” concept:

  1. Hang Out (relax and do nothing)
  2. Mess Around (do an activity)
  3. Geek Out (get actively involved)

6. Create a “Wow” effect

The Citizen Space will be a unique place for neighbourhood people to get together and will attract residents thanks to an original concept that sparks wonder.


Source: ESPACE TEMPS, Espaces citoyens Usages, programmation et fonctionnement [Citizen spaces: uses, programming and activity], April 18, 2019.