For a fourth year, Dynamo is helping the 17 CIP neighbourhoods reinforce their impact measurement capacity.

Capturing impact: a new learning community

In addition to providing personalized neighbourhood support and training, Dynamo will regularly invite people involved in impact evaluation to informal sessions to share the lessons they have learned and skills they have developed through the CIP. This community that captures impact will continue to engage through a dedicated Facebook group.

More details about the 2019-2010 program (In french only)

First activity from the ÉvalPIC 2019-2010 Program a great success

Forty people joined Dynamo at UQAM’s Chaufferie room to not only learn more about collective impact, an approach that lets people envision neighbourhood collective action differently, but also develop collaborative impact-generation strategies.

The activity was open to all Greater Montreal stakeholders involved in mobilizing their communities. Representatives from CIP neighbourhoods helped everyone exchange views and go deeper with their discussions.